The Story

I was hosting a dinner party. I had cooked all day and was putting final touches on my table when guests started to arrive. I saw myself in a mirror on my way to the door. My brand new hostess apron didn’t go with the clothes I was wearing. It was already stained and wrinkled too! The apron, not my designer clothes underneath it made the first impression on my guests, and it was not the impression I wanted to make! When the party was over, I went to my studio and created my first Invisible Apron. A see-thru apron made of finest quality, crystal-clear vinyl that protects and shows off what you’re wearing underneath it!

As a fashion designer for more than 30 years, I’ve created couture women’s clothing, men’s wear, children’s wear and bridal wear too. As a designer, it’s important to me to dress as I dress my clients. I care about the way I look when meeting with them, but the demands of my studio and workroom require me to wear an apron every day! I have a home and garden to maintain, and a wonderful son, who made me realize there’s a need for children’s aprons like the ones I’ve designed for adults. My friends in the beauty industry and restaurant and bar businesses love my Invisible aprons too!

You’ll love the Invisible Apron™ for all of these reasons...

  • It’s perfect for women, men, children and gifts!
  • It wipes clean with a damp or sudsy cloth.
  • Adult aprons have an expandable pocket for a clean-up cloth or napkin.
  • The neckband is adjustable.
  • All of its designer ribbon trims and accents make fun-loving fashion statements!

The Invisible Apron™ is the only see-through apron, clear apron, transparent apron and fashion apron of its kind. It shows off your style over anything and everything!