The Designer

Mary Anne VaccaroIn the entire world of fashion, there is probably no designer more unique than Mary Anne Vaccaro. Her life is devoted to creating fabulous clothes for private clients, all having discerning taste and a demand for quality, perfect fit and design excellence.

Mary Anne Vaccaro has been called a “design genius.” She attributes that to her love for her work, her creative appetite and her diverse art and fashion background.

Mary Anne started designing clothes as a child. She learned patternmaking and to cut and sew from her Italian seamstress grandmother. Her degrees are in Studio Art and Art History. She is a fashion illustrator and copywriter too, having run a fashion advertising agency with her couture business for years!

Vaccaro designs daytime, evening, cocktail and bridal wear. Her clientele is international. She’s been recognized in many publications, including Town and Country Magazine, and she’s been honored by many organizations. She has created costumes for theater, opera and beauty pageants. She is also an Image Consultant and a speaker on subjects of fashion, art and style. (For more information see

Invisible Apron™ was inspired by Mary Anne’s fashion design background. She found a way to protect the fabulous fashions you’re wearing without covering them up! The aprons are invisible but punctuated with stylish trims that are a signature of the great taste of Mary Anne Vaccaro!